(941) 845-9119 (or 9418459119) is located in Palmetto, FL

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City Palmetto
State Florida (FL)
Rate Center PALMETTO
Country United States of America (USA)
Phone Number Variations 941-845-9119
(941) 845-9119
Operating Company Number (OCN) 8692
Date Viewed 4/21/2024

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Wanted confindential credit card information

Call Type: Fraud


941-855-6858 Wounded American Veterans PAC - asking for donations. BBB shows complaints about repeated calls from different numbers. Be smart people - real Political Action Committee's wine and dine the very wealthy and corporate america for donations. They don't do massive telemarketing/spam.

Call Type: Fraud
Caller Name: Wounded American Veterans PAC


said he was from the Sheriffs Dept and has a subpoena for an employee of ours

Call Type: Telemarketer/Spam
Caller Name: kurt


Used foul language scary

Call Type: Fraud


941-220-1139 TPC Research, left no message. Robocalls, solicitors, etc. never follow call screening instructions, I just hear the one ring - thank god.

Call Type: Survey
Caller Name: TCP Research


941-484-3728 "Potential Spam" was caller id. Left no message.

Call Type: No Response/Hang-Up


941-213-3179 '9412133179' was caller id. No real caller id and left no message - probably marketing/solicitor/etc.

Call Type: No Response/Hang-Up


I answered a call from this number because caller ID indicated it was Manatee Memorial Hospital. Thought it was related to a recent doctors visit. The person on the other end asked for the home owner and wanted to discuss solar panels. Very deceptive!

Call Type: Telemarketer/Spam
Caller Name: Dont know


941-893-4776 - Sarasota FL <-Caller id. No message, an evening call, plus no real caller id usually is telemarketer/solicitor & might be a spoofed number.

Call Type: No Response/Hang-Up


941-216-7453 'Bradenton FL' is caller id. Did not leave a message & no real caller id usually means telemarketing/solicitor.

Call Type: No Response/Hang-Up


received a text at 11pm that just said thx. i didn't respond


Has called a few times today, let it go to voicemail and they hang up.

Caller Name: CTC Alliance


941-312-5454 'TISCARENO JESUS' was caller id. Left no message so I would have to assume spoofed number or some kind of solicitor. Especially as it called my google-voice number which is very private.

Call Type: Other - Unwanted


941-226-8213 "Bradenton FL" was caller id. Robocall/Recording - wants to buy your house, just press one for a quote.

Call Type: Robocall


(941) 229-8699 Myakka City FL is caller id - called 2x today and once about a month ago on June 21st - rings maybe 3 rings then stops. Think its a loss leader to verify the number before the real solicitor calls usually Sherrif donation or similar.

Call Type: No Response/Hang-Up


'Firefighter' fund

Call Type: Charity



Call Type: Prank Call
Caller Name: Megan McCall


Does not respond to answering machine

Call Type: Robocall


Just a wrong number

Call Type: Wrong Number
Caller Name: Arthur


No message left. Unidentified.

Call Type: No Response/Hang-Up


It is not a working number. I believe they use an app to hide their true phone number overseas.

Call Type: Telemarketer/Spam


called my phone several times. never left message. when I picked up, they said my name and when I said yes, they hung up. tried calling back. phone just rang.

Call Type: Fraud
Caller Name: no name


No message left.

Call Type: No Response/Hang-Up


Scamming credit card info/offers trying to get me to give info saying represents citi/chase/etc - asked to remove me from calling list - started cursing and insulting me. SCAM

Call Type: Fraud


I answered a call from this number and a woman stated that she missed a call from my number. I told her that is not true, I did not dial her number.

Call Type: Telemarketer/Spam