(727) 498-0506 (or 7274980506) is located in Saint Petersburg, FL

FRAUD/SCAM WARNING! Several users have reported that calls from 727-498-0506 may be fraudulent. Stay aware and do not share any personal information unless you have verified the identity of the caller.

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City Saint Petersburg
State Florida (FL)
Country United States of America (USA)
Phone Number Variations 727-498-0506
(727) 498-0506
Operating Company Number (OCN) 4802
Date Viewed 5/22/2024

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Middle east accent trying to say my computer had a virus. A few choice words for him and I hung up.

Call Type: Fraud

when I didn't fall for the scam, the caller called me an e-fin cu*t and a few other adjectives....I told him: Now there's your I.Q. !! he called me back for times just to call me names. When he called back the CALLER ID # was all zeros. (000-000-0000).

Call Type: Fraud
Caller Name: 727-498-0506

received call. Asked for me by name and identify himself as John. Asked me about windows on my computer. Advised that I don't own a computet. He then hung up the phone. Phone id on phone came up scam likely

Call Type: Fraud
Caller Name: John

Just received call stating my name and telling me he was calling regarding my computer. When I said no you're not , he hung up.

I just had him call me told him I had no internet and asked how can there be errors when have no internet lol total scam

Scam. Wanted me to turn over access to my computer

Caller asked if I was (my name) then hung up

Caller asked me to go through a few Windows screens, I answered his questions. Eventually, he asked if I wanted him to fix my computer for me. I said "no thank you". He responded by calling me "crazy" and said that I was "wasting his time". I reminded him that he was the one that called me. He responded by repeatedly calling me "crazy" and telling me to "go f*** myself".

Call Type: Fraud
Caller Name: 727-498-0506

Middle Eastern or Indian man called and said that there were errors on the Windows system on my computer. He wanted to correct the errors...ON MY COMPUTER!!! What!? Told him NO - this is super weird and I hung up

Call Type: Other - Unwanted

I answered and he said something that I couldn't understand as I was laughing bc I thought it was my boss playing a prank. Then I heard him say something about your computer and I said I don't even have a computer and he hung up. I haven't used a desktop or laptop in 5 years. Lol scam

Call Type: Fraud

I rarely answer my cell if not a known number but today I was curious about this call, so I answered. Indian/Middle Eastern guy ask to speak with Mr. (Unintelligible name) but not close to mine, I asked again, who? He said the same thing & I hung up, heard some background noise also, like other people where he was at. Most likely a scammer!

Call Type: Wrong Number
Caller Name: SSArt98

a male with indian accent who asked for my husband when i said that I was not him he hung up. had complete name.

Call Type: Fraud

Caller was male, asked to speak to my ex husband (had his correct last name) about problems identified on his computer. Told them we were no longer married....that's when I realized it was some type of fraud attempt. Rather than hanging up caller started asking me why I got divorced. I immediately told him that it was an inappropriate comment & was going to report to police....no reaction...kept speaking & I hung up immediately. Call lasted 40 seconds. Somewhat disturbing experience

Call Type: Fraud
Caller Name: unsolicited computer technical assistance

It’s good i read ur comments all the time thinking someone was calling from a phone card i always missed the call thank god but called back and got rapid busy signals or some other noise it seems to come in when i get a phone call from someone i know from fla calls me and leaves a voicezaiur

they give you a bunch of your old addresses and information, blurt out some random ip address trying to get you to give them your real one. Do not give them any of your information. Just let them know Allah isn't real, India is the armpit of this planet, and they can stick their head further up their %$#^ if they think they can get the best of you.

Call Type: Fraud
Caller Name: Indian guy.

It is absolutely a fraudulent caller - do not answer !!

Call Type: Fraud
Caller Name: Don't know

guy called saying on the server he shows my windows computer had errors wanted to get in my computer. i said no my computer is fine and i asked what computer do i have. he said HP i said nope your wrong thanks for the scam and i hung up on him LOL

Call Type: Fraud

CAlling about “my windows computer”.

Call Type: Fraud
Caller Name: I didn’t ask for his name

Wanted to talk about my PC. Told them to go away and hung up.

Call Type: Fraud

They just called me told me I had Error messages on my computer and wanted me to look at my computer so they could get them off. I told Him that my computer is 6 years old and if I wanted To fix it I’ll buy a new one. And hung up

Call Type: Fraud
Caller Name: Jason

This is bullshit call from “Windows Technical Department “ claiming I have a problem with my computer. It’s from India, so don’t fall for St. Petersburg on the caller I.D. This is a SCAM.

Call Type: Fraud
Caller Name: Some Indian who barely spoke English.

Asked about my PC errors. I dont use a PC... duh! FRAUD

Call Type: Fraud

This is a fraud and scam pretending to be Microsoft and THEY DO NOT CALL YOU lol...this guy is an idiot and probably needs to learn English much less find a get out of jail soon card because sooner or later HE WILL NEED IT!!!

Call Type: Fraud
Caller Name: Some Idiot INDIAN Male

Fraud. Hang up!

Call Type: Real Caller/Legitimate
Caller Name: Some East Indian guy


Scammer - running Microsoft windows error checking scam

Call Type: Fraud

SCAM. They called about my windows computer having issues and he can help. Wants personal info to scam you. Once I said which PC he hung up.

Call Type: Fraud

This is definitely a scam. They called about my computer having a problem with windows. The thing is I have not had a PC in more than 12 years. Once I said I know this is a scam they hang up.

Call Type: Fraud