(713) 999-9943 (or 7139999943) is located in Huffman, TX

FRAUD/SCAM WARNING! Several users have reported that calls from 713-999-9943 may be fraudulent. Stay aware and do not share any personal information unless you have verified the identity of the caller.

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City Huffman
State Texas (TX)
Rate Center HUFFMAN
Country United States of America (USA)
Phone Number Variations 713-999-9943
(713) 999-9943
Operating Company Number (OCN) 6114
Date Viewed 9/22/2019

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Scam. These people just called my work and cellular phone. " fraud enforcement unit".scam. I reported to FBI

Call Type: Fraud
Caller Name: Melissa Young

Scam. These people just called my work and cellular phone. " freud enforcement unit".scam

A lady called from this number saying that I have a felony fraud enforcement case against me and that I need to pay money immediately. This is a scam. There is no such federal unit called fraud enforcement. If you get a call from these people simply hang up. Don’t let them steal from you.

Call Type: Fraud

Someone that sounded like she was muffling her voice called and said that I have 3 felonies against me. She had the last 4 digits of my social and maiden name. She would not tell me what company that she represented. She said that she is an investigator. She was very rude. She said that I was being not compliant because I would not verify my name. Sounded fraudulent.

Call Type: Fraud

Calling from the "fraud enforcement untit" in texas. Long speal...I have a case and I better handle myself accordingly. SCAM!!!!!!!

Call Type: Fraud
Caller Name: Laura Stephens