(703) 369-2158 (or 7033692158) is located in Manassas, VA

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  Phone Number Lookup Information
City Manassas
State Virginia (VA)
Rate Center MANASSAS
Country United States of America (USA)
Phone Number Variations 703-369-2158
(703) 369-2158
Operating Company Number (OCN) 0233
Date Viewed 6/5/2020

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703 369 2158:  Caller ID:  "Virginia"   A female identified herself as "Fran" said she was with ADT alarms.  Began her sales pitch of about four sentences.  I said: "We don't need that at the moment.  Thank you for calling."  She did not push like a normal sales person.  She was polite and hung up.  I do not know if this was legit. However, why would ADT in Virginia call me at a completely different state?

This lady asked for Mr.or Mrs Cisneros. I said they don't live here. She said"oh shut up you snatch". So rude.

An Unwanted Telemarketer Complaint for the 703-369-2158 phone number has been filed with the FCC. A Texas phone user reported receiving a live voice call from 703-369-2158 on 10/14/2015.

Call Type: Telemarketer/Spam