(609) 236-3779 (or 6092363779) is located in Atlantic City, NJ

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City Atlantic City
State New Jersey (NJ)
Rate Center ATLNTIC CY
Country United States of America (USA)
Phone Number Variations 609-236-3779
(609) 236-3779
Operating Company Number (OCN) 9206
Date Viewed 11/12/2019

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Call Type: Telemarketer/Spam


This number keeps calling my home. Now on my blocked list, and it is still seen on my screen list.

Call Type: Other - Unwanted


Calling from APSE&G (not the real PSE&G) saying they can lower our electric bills. Obvious scam, since they called my 12 year old daughter's cell phone!

Call Type: Fraud
Caller Name: APSE&G


Comes up clothes for kids. Seems to be getting into my text messages useing crying the i nfo to get an answer

Call Type: No Response/Hang-Up
Caller Name: Spam clothes for kids 609-337-3146


Recording said I owed some bill and said they had sent it to me and haven't heard from me.

Call Type: Robocall


Received call after call at our office. Sometimes 8 to 9 calls a day. Its' Robo Call.

Call Type: Robocall


This was a robo call from some one with Asian Indian accent, NOT a local call.


Try to get you to remortgage - will not stop calling and the number must be blocked.

Call Type: Fraud


This damn caller called me at 9:04 am, I didn't answer, then proceeded to call again at 9:08, I answered, told them not to call me again. It was a company trying to get me to remortgage my home. They then proceeded to call me three more times! I had to block them wtf?

Call Type: Other - Unwanted


Spam caller.

Call Type: Robocall
Caller Name: NX Sourcemim


Had a call from a very very rude woman who is telling me that my subscription agreement for five years is up and that they going to charge my card again she’s give me a courtesy call so they don’t charge my card. Problem is I don’t have any magazine subscriptions in my name she couldn’t tell me what magazine she was talking about she was very very rude and I have no idea what’s going on so she basically hung up on me and that’s up to beware




Hang up caller aka idiot.

Call Type: No Response/Hang-Up
Caller Name: Unknown


Telemarketer. This number calls VERY frequently. It is a recording offering better rates on my credit card. Thing is, I do not have credit cards.

Call Type: Telemarketer/Spam


Valid Employment agency. NJ

Call Type: Real Caller/Legitimate
Caller Name: Agency


"Calling in reference to your current credit card account…"

Call Type: Telemarketer/Spam


Answered the phone and surprisingly it wasn't a recorded call. Person sounded automated. Something about police - an obvious scam as they never call over the phone. Might be about credit card interest rates too. Consumer Relief/Debt Collector? This number has a lot of complaints. Report these scumbags!

Call Type: Fraud
Caller Name: V90618181401318


keep getting calls from this number fell out of bed thinking it was an emercey call how can i stop this? it is very inconsiderate for people to call on my cell phone


telemarketer spam for some metals investment

Call Type: Telemarketer/Spam


I screen calls I don't recognize. This one left a message, 'Hello my name is Toni, can you hear me okay?"

Caller Name: Toni


Everybody knows "Do Not Call" does NOT Work. Try "No More Robot Calls" @ WWW.nomorobo.com. It's a no fee service (for VoiP land lines), eliminated 95 % of my Spam. Check the site . . . it explains how it works and it costs nothing (for land lines) ! [And No, I don't have stock in the company, but I wish I did!]

Call Type: Telemarketer/Spam


Interesting bait and switch. Calling regarding a job above market salary, you just have to buy a worthless ITIL certification course.

Call Type: Other - Unwanted


Claim to be a continuing education loan service. SCAM. Have been calling child's phone but refuse to take the number off their list unless the child calls to request it.


called my cell, left no message. Called again 2 hrs later about 8:45pm which is pretty late on a school night. I don't know anyone in Atlantic City, NJ.

Call Type: Other - Unwanted
Caller Name: unknown



Call Type: Fraud
Caller Name: PSYCHO