(425) 523-9862 (or 4255239862) is located in Renton, WA

FRAUD/SCAM WARNING! Several users have reported that calls from 425-523-9862 may be fraudulent. Stay aware and do not share any personal information unless you have verified the identity of the caller.

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City Renton
State Washington (WA)
Rate Center RENTON
Country United States of America (USA)
Phone Number Variations 425-523-9862
(425) 523-9862
Operating Company Number (OCN) 7340
Date Viewed 7/19/2019

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Robo call left several messages when I called back (866) 670-9873 left and the number they called with 425-523-9862 a man said his name was Myron claimed to have a case filed against me when I asked name of company he said consumer advisors and Associates I asked for a location where his company is. He said he can not give that to me and hung up. I called several times as they continue to call me everyday. Same persons gives me different names each time.

Call Type: Fraud
Caller Name: Myron, Robert

recorded message said complaint filed and to press 1, I hung up and tabbed the number as scam

Caller claimed to be from consumer advisors and fished for private information. When I refused to confirm or deny he said the person complaining about me would call if he had any questions and hung up

Call Type: Fraud
Caller Name: James Brooke


Caller was a man but I couldn't understand a word he said. I told him to stop calling and hung up.

Call Type: Fraud

The caller claimed to be from Comcast but couldn't answer anything about my account. Tried to get me to give him payment. Asked him if he thought I was stupid" He said "yes" and hung up... the balls on these people man... lol

Call Type: Fraud
Caller Name: Eric Schneider