951 Area Code

The 951 area code is in California, USA

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it said 'Pizza Hut' on caller ID. So I answered it. It was a robo call. Someone wanting to give me an interest free credit card. Never had the caller ID be that wrong.


Phony lawyer who seemed to be a white collar criminal trying to extort money and saying a family member had passed away


i don't have them listed in any of my contacts, but they somehow called me. they left a weird voice message that was just breathing. when i tried to call back, it was a female voice but she couldn't hear me.


non english speaking caller


missed a call tried to call back and it is saying the call can not be completed


missed a call tried to call back and it is saying the call can not be completed


I have been called so far more that 20 times by this number. They call sometimes 3 or 4 times in one day. I do not and will not answer any call where a message is not left or a name of who is calling. It is a shame that we have to endure these calls. They even call when you are on the do not call list.


missed call -left no messages


scam call


Received call but I don’t answer, unfamiliar...too many call & messages left but I delete them...scam calls - don’t answer.


My case is going to be downloaded in to the courts if I don't return this call from the Federal Government. Whatever! I'm in law enforcement. This fraud needs to do some research before threatening arrests. Block the number like I did and warn your elderly friends and family not to respond or they will be paying "court costs."


Said your family is being investigated by the United States government


IRS scam call using computer voice because we all know its fake when we hear the Indian accent


Automated voice mail saying I frauded the government. Total SCAM ALERT.


claims they are from the USA I.R.S. and that they are going to file a warrant against me and my family for tax fraud......total SCAM


Called back-low quality music played- no answer or msg


Missed a call from this number, when I called back it beeped twice and no one said anything.


No answer call numerous times a day


They call 4 or 5 Times a day no one there when I answered .


called twice. hung up before call rang thru. 2nd got my voicemail but no message


Computer scam !


A man claiming to be from HP computers support haha I don't have HP products, I hung up and called HP and they said we only contact you if I contact them first.


Thought he was funny by calling me and addressed me by my name even though I did not know him. Sounded like a 10 to 12 year old


Calls several times a day /night. I do not answer. Does not leave message .


Receive calls from this number. I refuse to answer strange phone calls ..This one cites it is from California, I'm in Michigan, and don't know anyone in California.. I want them to cease calling my phone!!!