925 Area Code

The 925 area code is in California, USA

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925-433-0812 Potential Spam - was caller-id & it always seems to mean it's SPAM.


Border jumpers pulling a scam. Build the wall libtard.


Marine Office, trying to recruit you


Called to promote Capitains Quarters in Myrtle beach. 4 night 3 day vacation.


called right after midnight !! no msg


called, no msg


I did not answer the phone, however, I called that number a couple minutes later from another phone. It said the number was disconnected. hmmmm.


They're spamming.. Calling unsolicited and won't speak.. Earlier they feted to speak kept cutting in and out. Thick accent. Not from around here.. Asked them to stop calling me.. So frustrating


I only answered because it may have been a school. Was recorded message that I didn't even listen to re credit cards. I had already ignored 4 "unavailable" calls from different 925-625-#### numbers this morning. Getting sick of this.


I answered the call to ask to be taken off the list. The guy said “your husband told me to call back. Can I speak with him? You should be cooking and cleaning”. Beyond furious.


Did not leave a message.


An unwanted call from this Lafayette Ca number arrived today. When the answering machine picked up, there was dead silence. This is the calling card of robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) who shamelessly prey on the public. Predators like these are why you should LET YOUR ANSWERING MACHINE TAKE THEIR PATHETIC CALLS.


Called, and when answered no one there, then disconnects. Tried calling back and doesn't go through.


caller called elderly widowed friend. seeking contribution fo r"Revive America" Friend gave caller her credit card info ---when i learned about the call, i checkd her phone caller id's - and called the numbr that had called her- --- it was disconnected/not working number.....


Caller wanted sell Totten fish!! Be aware!


have called 2 times this month, 1-2 rings then hang up. i know NO one in Bishop ranch who would call from this no.


Caller called had my name, address, cell number and email address. Offered student loan forgiveness. Then started to ask for additional information. Offer was declined no additional information was given and caller was actively fishing for how many loans and amounts, if this was a legit call he would known better.


Recording about a vehicle warranty that is about to expire.


calling our home business landline 5 times a day. no one is there. I called back. After about 10 rings some man answered, I asked why are you calling me five times a day? who are you? I told him you are and I am reporting you and hung up.


Scam company


And they are back. Previously caller ID for this number showed Vexaros but it appears to have morphed into Tinea. Total spam.


I keep getting calls from this number but when I answer, there is never a response.


If its not in my address book I dont answer, I had my Bluetooth ear piece, it said answering call, I just listened and said nothing, she said, This is Ashley I waited in silence to see if she would continue talking she waited for three seconds of silence and hung up. I think she blew it by stating her name. But for sure she said Ashley.


Solar panel sales. They said they received a request from me online, but that was a lie. Very aggressive. I had to hang up because the rep wouldn't let me speak.


Student loan forgiveness scam.