915 Area Code

The 915 area code is in Texas, USA

Recently added reports


This was a social security scam call. Left message saying my social security number was being suspended. That, of course, makes no sense. They told me to call immediately.


Sociaal security scam call


Robocall out of El Paso TX claiming they are the department of social security and the social security number associated with your phone number. When I called back, they asked me for my social security number. DANGEROUS and RISKY!


Social Security scam. Google screen has the following voicemail: Unfortunately florida your social security number for fraudulent activity so when you get this message kindly call us back a the earliest possible on our number before we begin with legal proceedings. Our number is... I repeat.... Thank you.


Called with automated voice, threatening legal action about social security fraud, requests call back.


Recorded message claiming the Social Security # is suspended for "some reason". Left this # to call back


Claimed to be Social Security Admin and threatened legal action. When are they going to start arresting these A-Holes?


915-613-0578 called my phone and said they have taken legal actions against me through my SS# & if I don't return their call they would take further action.


Ss scam call


Try to sell financial products and call themselves South West Credit Systems


This number hacked into my phone and was texting my group texts with family. They could see my texts but not pictures I sent to family and they commented on my texts. Apple said they have never heard of this happening.


they are leaving messages stating that the IRS is going to sue me. I did not return the call.


Called me once earlier today and I ignored. They called back and I thought it might be someone I knew (as I was expecting a call). I answered and they claimed to be with Nissan. They asked if I was still driving my vehicle. I said no. They asked how long i had my new one, if I was still making payments, and what the new car was. That's when I said I don't have time and hung up. And then blocked the number.


Received call from a Kevin Mason from US Treasury 970-315-1323 wants a call back I'm assuming it's a scam. Caller id from Aspen, CO - heavy accented caller left message. Something about the U.S. Treasury and a magistrate. Message seemed to be threatening. Reported to https://www.treasury.gov/tigta/contact_report_scam.shtml so that the U.S. Treasury department can go after this caller..