215 Area Code

The 215 area code is in Pennsylvania, USA

Recently added reports


fishing number use to get information from me via SMS don't click on the link


said was calling from Social Security and owed money, risk of going to jail if not paid


Received a text from this number claiming a payment dispute with square and provided a link to clear it up. did not click link, but given the rest of the comments, likely phishing.


keeps calling every half hour, never leaves message


Keeps calling asking about health services and treatment. You can barely understand the person. I suspect that this is a scam caller.


Scammers pretending to be disability workers trying to ask you questions, don’t answer your phone. If you can report them, do so, it’s ridiculous.


Scam, caller left message stating "your social security number will be cancelled if you do not call back calmly and right away to clear this up". Person had a foreign accent, number was probably spoofed and not the real one the call was originating from.


caller id said it was from a bank- called back, tp# disconnected


dead air.........


I have gotten over 45 calls from 3 different numbers who all leave pre-recorded voicemails and say "Placed on our do not call list, thanks for your time and be healthy and blessed". If you call back the phone numbers are not working numbers. They call constantly non stop all day and leave voicemails on my business cell phone. The 3 numbers they have called from are: 214-247-7408, 215-297-3137, 407-216-8438


Many calls over many days and its getting really annoying. Its an insurance scam for sure. I have tried opting out but still get the calls. Crazy in Ohio!


6 calls from this number within a 6 hour period to numbers on the national do not call registry related to google listings is ridiculous and of which I consider spam. Repeated attempts at pressing the appropriate key to be removed from the list does not work.


Appeared to be a local number, thought it might be someone I was waiting for a call from. Tried to call back and received the message that this number is not in service. Probably a SCAM/FRAUD.


Recorded message said they could lower my interest rates to 6% pressed 9 to be connected with an agent and immediately asked to be placed on the do not call list, i was then hung up on.


Calls 0ver & over all day. no messages, hangs up when I answer


Calls over and over weekdays, no messages. When calling back rings and rings. Time share purchase program repurchase reported by YouMail.


Fraud caller attempts to sell you what ever it was you were looking for.


This unassigned number calls and noone says anything and theres no recording. Even when I yell at them, they won't hang up!


A lady called and asked me about a previous address and I asked her why she was calling and who she was. She said if I didn't answer her question that she would have to end the call and I told her that I would end the call if she didn't give me her information about who she was. I'm not giving you my information if you're not going to give me your information. That's ridiculous!


They tried to call everyone in hawaii and ask them bunch of questions.


Called number back from a land line. They were wanting me to provide personal information. They said they handled "personal matters"


I answered call because I had an item for sale. They were trying to offer assistance in selling my item, at a cost of course. They're just an ad troller.


Said they were collecting money for the police. They had my first & last name


This number calls me at least 5 times a week. Never leaves a message. I'm going to block this number.


I get constant calls from this number and because I have found a lot of 215 and 484 numbers are solicitors I never answer the calls. They have a total disregard for the do not call list. If you have friends with these area codes put them in your address book on your phone and then if the number comes up as unknown don't answer it.