203 Area Code

The 203 area code is in Connecticut, USA

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This phone number showed up on a Fed X Delivery Notice. It is NOT my phone number. My address was correct.


It's true...Peter really is a nice guy...I enjoyed our conversation. Valerie...


caller said this is carlton starks of mediation services you have a pending cade in the office that requires your immediate attention it is imperative that he speaks with me today my number is 203-484-3516 if I do not hear from you or your attorney, I will document that you have waived your right to counsel and submit your case.


Called 2x, third time left 2 sec. NON-message


called me five times, let voice mail come one but could only hear chatter in back ground


Received a call from this number. When I called back it is reported as a disconnected number. The name shown on caller id was Margery Booth.


Some kind of sales call because I could hear chatter in the background like a call center. Asked for somebody who I don't have at this location. Gave him our corporate office's phone number.


Legitimate work magazine renewal verification call. Had to wait for call center person to pick up


sayss he is from medicare....and he sees on some report that I need a back brace... which I don't......I asked him about who he was and he finally admitted he was not from medicare but he was going to block my medicare.....


Wanted to verify mailing address for National Sales Rep, I had to reply one moment please as this woman keep speaking over me, she didn't leave a message


Msg left was nineteen seconds of typing noises. No content, voices etc at all.


Hung up 4 seconds into voicemail. heard other people talking in the background. Sounded like a call center.


Keeps calling my business phone multiple times per day.


calls continually from different numbers. comes up as Async. either car warranty or credit rate reduction.


call from async, about car warranty, call from different numbers at least 3 times aweek.


203-450-3772 is bad person scary and threatening action if we don’t abide by what he says I told my kids not to answer anymore numbers that they don’t have programmed in their phones!


Same as all these other complaints calls at night and calls during day Robot in day Indian at night threatening legal problems


Haha. Some Indian F. Priceless.


Called the front security desk. Ended call when i wouldn't transfer him to who he wanted.




Recorded voice... scam


Saying I have bad credit, not true always had good credit if they call just hang up n block them,


Didn't recognize the number so I didn't answer. No message left so now I'm blocking the number


shows as async caller said you should have received paperwork already, this is about extended warranty.


Came through ID as USPS office Milford Ct. Is scam looking to help you with a special offer for credit.

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