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They tried calling me from multiple numbers from Iowa and Washington. When I didn't answer any of the calls they text me calling me a dick head. So I'm a dick head because I didn't want to be scammed, so yeah I guess I am then!

says they are service canada- Scammer

Unknown number, called several times, left no messages.

This fraudulent voicemail was left: From law enforcement unit of Federal Reserve System. We have found suspicious activities from your banking accounts due to which there is a legal case being filed under your name, and there is an arrest warrant being issued for the same in order to talk to an officer from law enforcement unit of Federal Reserve System, please press one and hold the line. Goodbye.

One Reliance, attempting to use scare tactics on debt collection. Completely illegal.

got a text message yesterday. promoting graybill for DA. Daga peoples lawyer , a ggeorge soros NGO to get "progressive" lawyers in office. Deceptive language.

Tried to jew me with a low IQ, low effort scam. Try harder kikes.

received call from above number stating problem with my social security. Did not provide any information.