(202) 899-9012 (or 2028999012) is located in Washington, DC

FRAUD/SCAM WARNING! Several users have reported that calls from 202-899-9012 may be fraudulent. Stay aware and do not share any personal information unless you have verified the identity of the caller.

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City Washington
State District Of Columbia (DC)
Rate Center WSHNGTNZN1
Country United States of America (USA)
Phone Number Variations 202-899-9012
(202) 899-9012
Operating Company Number (OCN) 201H
Date Viewed 6/23/2018

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I keep getting calls from this number by individuals who say that I have been selected by the government to receive a $9,000 grant. The callers barely spoke English and I had a lot of difficulty understanding them.

Call Type: Telemarketer/Spam
Caller Name: Couldn't understand name

called me several times. I finally picked up and after several seconds of silence, someone with a heavy accent asked for 'zatch' (my name is Zach, so I guess this idiot thought it was pronounced similarly to 'patch'). Just another scammer

No one there! Empty line. They call every day, a few times, every day.

If so many people are being called from this number and it's been reported as a scam then why can't the number be disconnected?!?! They won't stop calling and it's so frustrating!!!

Call Type: Fraud
Caller Name: Claim to be government officials

They called me and said I won $9200. But first, they needed personal information before I could get the money. This is a scam. He was also very hard to understand. I tried to call back, but it won't work. I called him out on the scam and he started cursing at me.

Call Type: Fraud

Called me and it says the call was from Egypt. The number is +2028999012

Call Type: No Response/Hang-Up

They called me 3 times in an hour. I called the number back and it said the call could not be completed. I blocked that number.

I may have figured out how to make them stop! I just answered: Sheriffs Office, Sargent Pepper gown can I help you with a deep voice and they hung up and haven't called back since!

Yes they are Fraud calling saying you are eligible for $9200. Then ask for financial institution info to send money. Called them out on the scam and call disconnected

Call Type: Fraud

These people are terrible. They keep calling regardless of how many times I ask them to stop (yes, on the DNCR). They are rude and seem to get mad when you tell them to stop calling. Their dialects are so thick, you can't understand who they are or what they want. FRAUD.

Call Type: Fraud

I told them everyday not to call but they get mad and told me they will call every hour of the day and I can't do anything about it.

Call Type: Fraud
Caller Name: Don't want to give names.

i answered couldn't understand a word they said. blocked it

Call Type: Fraud

Rings once and nothing. Tried to call back o bitch and the call would not go through!!!

Call Type: No Response/Hang-Up

SCAMMERS!!!! Said they are with the United States Government! told me I was chosen to be awarded $9000 and wanted my bank account information Barely spoke English! DON'T FALL FOR IT!!!

Call Type: Fraud
Caller Name: Could not understand

Apparently, the Do Not Call Registry is a Scam Caller Registry. I receive more scam calls like those from 202-899-9012 than I did before I registered my phone number with them.

Call Type: Fraud

Calls every 2 hours. Threatening/name calling. Rude - asked them to give me the information as they were constantly calling. Could not produce any of the information that I asked for.

Call Type: Fraud

I get a least 5 calls from this # a day. I too am on the Do Not Call list. I feel since joining the DNC I am now receiving more marketing/scam calls then ever before.

Call Type: Other - Unwanted

They keep calling my cell phone. I picked up once and they hang up. I am on the National Do No Call Registry and these calls are annoying.

Call Type: No Response/Hang-Up
Caller Name: ?

This people call me about a fraud who are this people

Call Type: Fraud
Caller Name: was michael

This number has been calling me every 20 minutes but must be automated. I have caller ID and have to accept the call - they always hang up before I can...

Call Type: Robocall