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Latest Call Reports

Scam call that originated from a computer pop-up staying my computer was infected. They called back today (about 2 weeks after the original scam) saying that they were going to try to “refund my money”. I never paid for anything and asked to be removed before I heard any of the rest of the con.

this makes the 3rd time calling but I do not answer a number I do not know

Number popped up on caller ID. Said we were selected for free vacation stays in a hurricane area during hurricane season.

Don't k ow who. If not in contact list, never answer. No message. Figure if they're legitamate they'd leave message.

Dont ever answer numbers or area codes I don't know. After reading comments I'm sure it's a scam with new number. No voice mail.

the number keeps calling, and not leaving a message

I received a call from this number at 7:26 am and it was in robot style broken English. It said that there were 4 things against me and the local cops were going to get me because (...) expired. They didn't say what that expired. I would say this is spam and considered a menace to our community.