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Latest Call Reports

Recommendation: If the number is not in your contacts, then just BLOCK THE NUMBER.

Scam phone call - Was told he received several alerts from my Windows use on my computer - lol.

the guy spoke spanish. Have no idea what he wanted since I couldnt understand a word he said. The caller I.D said Inmate Call

Robo-call starting with "Don't hang up . . . " REALLY?????? Didn't listen to more to ascertain which kind of parasite called.

Called my business asking for someone ( first name) but that person doesn't work at our office. It was an odd conversation and it ended with the man saying he will take us off the call list. I called the number back and it was a recording (that too was odd sounding....creepy) and it was a man saying "press 1 to be taken off the call list" and a female voice saying "good bye".

Appears to be a health insurance sales scam.

Received a call from this number and when I called it back the auto response states the number has been disconnected.

270-370-1108 keeps calling my cell phone number asking for someone else