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I did not answer. They left voice message that a lawsuit had been filed on me by the US Govt. and I was told to call their office at 509-289-2302. I did not return the call.

Have been called twice yesterday and twice, so far, today at 574-222-1808. I do not pick up if I don't recognize a number so I suppose they are waiting ! Paetec - Starne appears as identification above the number.

scam! claims that they are collecting a dept - threatening to have you arrested -from a bogus law firm

called, did not answer no message left!

Caller not forthcoming with why they called. When I asked for a badge number the man fumbled then sounded like he made something up like "IRM94". I told him I would not continue the call and hung up.........

IRS Phone Scam!! IRS will never call you to collect money.

Caller said he was calling to help with my education and was calling on a recorded line. i told him i already signed up elsewhere and he became rude . called me at least 5 times in one day.

They keep calling my business and hanging up. They call several times a day.

Callers recording indicates that they would be reporting me to the fraud department at the IRS. When calling back they continue to ask many questions, but not forthcoming about what the call was in regards too. Threated to add charges to my tax lien for the call since they were authorized being a government agency to do so. I didn't give them information other than my mailing address which is how the IRS contacts people not by phone and/or threatening phone calls.